Comments by Early Readers

"I have looked over David Rudel's new books ' Bxh7+' and 'The moment of Zuke' , published by Thinkers Press. These are excellent training tools for the improving chessplayer. Both books are well-written, logically structured and most instructive. Rudel presents his work in such a way that you cannot fail to learn and to be entertained at the same time.
Both books are highly recommended!"
-International Master Andrew Martin

"The modules are well presented. Analytical variations are kept short and simple. Clarity is of great importance and the point of the format is to make the material as easily absorbed as possible....The Moment of Zuke is a very thought-provoking book. David Rudel has certainly tried to do something different to the norm and one gains the distinct impression that the material has been very carefully chosen to aid the learning process."
-Sean Marsh from his Review at Marsh Towers.

"In what it claims to do, it is nearly [at the level of] 'ingenious' ... Quite a variety on the chess book market and an example how to present an opening in a really fresh and entertaining manner."
-German Review at the German Correspondence Chess Federation

"The lesson is delivered clearly, in a conversational language that beginners can understand. The exercises are very relevant to the lesson and a diligent student will benefit tremendously by spending time on each exercise. The solutions section is appropriate and correct - it contains either the tactical solution or a strategic explanation accompanied by the entire game to demonstrate the strategic ideas - this mix is very good."
-From Srikanth Bangalore's extensive Amazon Review.

"An outstanding achievement. David Rudel has an ease of writing that can only be called a gift."
-Victor Spear, acclaimed instructional author

"I realized as I worked through (and am continuing to consult) Zuke 'Em that Rudel is trying to teach readers not only an opening repertoire but also how to think about any position they face. His books are at least as much about how to play the game of chess as they are about how to play a particular opening. Class players—guys like me—need this kind of explanation and instruction."
-Dale McLemore, lifelong Colle player

"It is easy to read, original, well presented and logical, with clear explanations of the reasons for choices and the origins of ideas."
-"abcott"'s review.

"David takes the reader to a level of detail and clarity of explanation I've not ever seen before. Let's just say that I'd like to see every chess author, particularly of books on the openings, provide explanations, examples, and insights to this level of quality."
-Greg Delaney of Greg's Chess Progress

"The book is set up as a teaching book. It has seven modules, each relating to a particular theme. While each module is structured somewhat differently, each is very detailed with plenty of examples and guidelines, along with exercises and solutions with explanations. This is not the dry chess opening book!"
-Steven Oldner's review at J. Kaye's Book Blog

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