News Flash: The Koltanowski-Phoenix (A new main line for the Colle) is now published.

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Play the Colle System Better

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Play the Colle?


Used to Play the Colle?

The Moment of Zuke: Critical Positions and Pivotal Decisions for Colle System Players, contains 7 themed lessons (with exercises) on game-changing situations Colle  players frequently encounter. It provides training for both the Koltanowski Variation (c3-Colle) and the Zukertort Variation (b3-Colle or Rubinstein Attack).

 If you used to play the Colle and have switched to another of the "D-pawn Specials," (E.g., Torre Attack, Stonewall Attack, London System) you may find that now is a great time to switch back! Rudel published analysis reviving the mainline of the Colle-Zukertort last year, and his newest book contains information on The Koltanowski-Phoenix Attack, a new try for reviving the mainline of the Colle-Koltanowski.

If you are looking for a new chess opening, you may wish to visit our Introduction to the Colle System, which describes the two variations (Koltanowski and Zukertort) of this strategy and suggests introductory books for both options.

If you already play the Colle and do not have Zuke 'Em (Rudel's first book), you may also wish to visit the Colle-Zukertort book page for samples and information.

Lastly, if you are looking for a new system to use against the K-side flank openings, Rudel has just published a book devoted to beating the King's Indian, Grünfeld, and Dutch Defenses. It describes a cohesive system that can be incorporated into most traditional Q-pawn repertoires.

Click here for a review of The Moment of Zuke at Marsh Towers.
A Rezensionen (German Review) is posted at the German Correspondence Chess Federation.

From here you can download free excerpts, see comments by previous readers, learn more about the opening systems named after Edgar Colle, George Koltanowski, and Johannes Zukertort, and find retailers who carry Rudel's books.

"I have looked over David Rudel's new books ' Bxh7+' and 'The moment of Zuke' , published by Thinkers Press. These are excellent training tools for the improving chessplayer. Both books are well-written, logically structured and most instructive. Rudel presents his work in such a way that you cannot fail to learn and to be entertained at the same time.
Both books are highly recommended!"
-International Master Andrew Martin